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Fishing Charters on Haida Gwaii

Fully Guided West Coast Fishing Charters for:

Spring Salmon, Coho, Halibut and Cod

Haida Gwaii boasts some of the best salt water fishing charters anywhere! Pacific Salmon of all species, king sized Halibut and Cod are just some of the catches you’ll reel in. From May to October, Aay Oo can provide knowledgeable Haida guides with reliable, seaworthly boats for the fishing adventure of a lifetime! We have a 23.5 foot Trophy Pro (covered boat with bathroom) and 26 foot Osprey (covered with bathroom).

Best Salt Water Fishing Times
Spring Salmon “Kings” April to September
Sockeye Salmon May to July
Coho Salmon “Silvers” July to September
Chum Salmon July to September
Halibut March to September
Catch Limit  
4 Salmon per day (2 of which may be Chinook) 8 Salmon total possession (4 of which may be Chinook)
Halibut 2 per day, 3 total possession
Ling Cod 3 per day, 6 total possession
Rock Fish 5 per day, 10 total possession

Q. What should I bring?
A. Here are some recommended items:
* Fishing License
* Appropriate footwear with non-marking soles
* Sunglasses and sunscreen
* Your camera or video camera to capture that moment when you land the “big one”
* Warm clothing; separate items for layering works best

Q. What if I never fished before?
A. No problem. We take care of everything for you. We’ll supply all the equipment and gear you’ll need. Plus we have experienced guides who will give you expert lessons.

Q. What is your tipping guideline and do I have to bring cash?
A. Our guideline recommends a tip of $50.00 per person for your guide.

Q. Are there any options for fish processing?
A. The Codfather is located directly on Queen Charlotte dock. They offer custom cutting, vacuum packing, sharp freezing, styro coolers, custom smoking, fedEx shipping, and will also deliver directly to the airport.


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